The Best Fitness City in America? (with Angela Gargano)

Today I’m talking to my friend Angela Gargano, who is a bit of an “OG” in the fitness space. She’s competed on American Ninja Warrior multiple times, earned the title of Miss Fitness USA, and she’s also a serial fitness entrepreneur. She joins me from Austin, Texas, which just might be the best city in America for fitness pros and enthusiasts alike. Let’s find out why.

Angela Gargano on the BarBend Podcast

In this episode of The BarBend Podcast, David Thomas Tao and Angela Gargano discuss: 

  • Recording before the world shut down and now after (1:04)
  • Austin’s fitness community (including companies like Onnit) (4:20)
  • Are people just friendlier in Texas? (07:00)
  • How can “bro culture” impact gym acceptance? (10:30)
  • Who opening a gym is a lot more complex than you might think (maybe opt for a home gym instead?) (15:00)
  • Fitness content “pillars” (19:00)
  • Our most embarrassing fitness stories (22:00)

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