‘Bro was on fire’: Kyrie Irving’s dad gives opponent the business at LA Fitness

In case anyone has forgotten, Kyrie Irving’s dad can ball. He’s a former hooper, and where else could the Brooklyn Nets star get his basketball skills?

Drederick Irving showed everyone those skills that has allowed him to play professionally in the National Basketball League during his younger years, dropping buckets here and there during a one-on-one game at LA Fitness. It is also worth noting that Kyrie’s dad is already 56 years old, but his moves don’t show that.

Kyrie Irving is largely considered one of the best finishers at the rim in the NBA, and it’s safe to assume he was trained really hard and really well when he was young. It’s easy to imagine how Drederick and Kyrie exchange baskets when the Nets star was growing up.

For what it’s worth, Kyrie has always been open about the impact of his dad on him and his career as an NBA player. Who could ever forget that tear-jerking commercial he had for Nike back in 2018 when he shared how his dad tried out for the Boston Celtics once but “sacrificed his dream, so I could live mine”? That is definitely powerful stuff, and it speaks volumes how big he was for Kyrie growing up.

It’ll definitely be nice to see Kyrie and Drederick play some pick-up basketball once again. Clearly, the younger Irving might still have a hard time playing against his dad.